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The Art and Craft of Storytelling

"From the Book of Job to Harry Potter, this is the story of stories — and how to spin them with wit, grace and style. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship between your imagination and your pen."

--John Harlow, The Sunday Times of London

"The essential guidebook for anyone who wants to write a book. Comprehensive and clear, it is a must read for new authors embarking on their writing journey."
--Peter Guber, Chairman and CEO, Mandalay Entertainment Group

"Lamb's book answers every conceivable question a writer might confront. Invaluable."
--David Markson, author of Wittgenstein's Mistress

"I’ve written for television for many years, functioning like the piano player who can play anything but can’t read music. Nancy Lamb’s book taught me how read the music of writing. The Art and Craft of Storytelling takes you from plot to character, through writer’s block, to the finale. If you want to write, read this book. If you already write but want to read the music, read this book—and keep it handy."
--Joe Halderman, Producer/Writer, CBS News, 48 HOURS MYSTERY

"If you are to be stranded on a desert island with only one book about writing, make it this one. The best single reference you will find. Read it. Use it. Your writing will be better for it."
--Dr. Charles Connor, Founding Director, The Harriette Austin Writing Program, The University of Georgia

"From her comprehensive breakdown of genres to her eight approaches to story structure to her process for creating unforgettable characters, Nancy Lamb's book overflows with incredibly useful advice, tips and techniques. Her tone is inspirational, gently encouraging, and filled with warm good-humor -- reading it is like being led to the secret well of creativity by your best friend."
--Eric Elfman, author, screenwriter, writing coach

"How often do you read a writing book that makes you feel you’ve met your writing soul-mate? A book that makes you want to sit down now and tackle the job of writing your stories? Nancy Lamb’s experience and instruction informs, excites, and shows me how to do it! She’s on my side, rooting for me, investing all that she’s learned in writing her books so can I tackle my own projects. And she does this with mastery—nothing wasted, nothing unclear, nothing in the wrong order—she knows the storytelling process inside and out, and she makes teaching it not only a story in itself, but a story you want to live."
--Sheila Bender is the author of ten books on writing and publishes a magazine for those who write at www.writingitreal.com

"As a teacher of dramatic narrative technique at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, I can say that this book is going on a 'must read' list for my students! The Art and Craft of Storytelling is articulate, cohesive, insightful and comprehensive. It takes every question I've been asked by a student or have discussed with fellow writers and answers it—not just summarily, but in depth and with valuable examples. All of this in a bright humorous style that makes the learning go down easy. A writing book of this caliber is a rare find, and I recommend it for all aspiring writers, as well as established writers looking for an excellent refresher course."
--Dale Griffiths Stamos, SBWC instructor and award-winning playwright